An independent designer with 8 years of industry experience.

Available Q3 2024

Kody Deretic is a senior, independent designer with 8 years of industry experience working as an in-house designer, running his own studio
and freelancing for a broad range of clients. His primary focus is brand identity, digital design and development.

He believes in storytelling, simplicity, and designing every element of his life and work to serve a purpose.

With a lifetime's experience working as a graphic designer across multiple sectors, he is a proficient digital designer and developer with a keen interest in sustainability and social enterprise. A dedicated volunteer for over a decade, most recently as a careers mentor with Headspace, he has donated 10% of his wage to charity since 2021.

Kody paid Joe 80 bucks to write this because blurbs are awful things to write oneself. Handsome Joe magnanimously accepted.